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What Does Ensure Mean Definition

There is considerable confusion as to whether to ensure and ensure are different words, variants of the same word or a combination of both. These are indeed different words, but with enough overlap in meaning and form to create uncertainty as to which should be used and when. We define coverage as « secure, secure or secure » and a sense of insurance « insure, especially by taking the necessary measures and precautions » is quite similar. But insuring has the extra meaning – providing or receiving insurance for or for those who are not shared by insure. Some user manuals recommend insuring in financial contexts (such as in « she insured her book collection for a million dollars ») and in the general sense of « to be safe » (as in « she made sure the book collection was well packaged »). Our new system ensures that everyone is paid on time. Now, five minutes of rest taken at the right time can ensure the safety of these people, as well as ours. Upholding our right to freedom of expression is the only thing that ensures that 12 people do not die in vain. It is clear that demand for travel will be significantly reduced in the near future and, as a result, we will have to make some tough decisions to ensure that Etihad weathers this storm. His first task was to provide a suitable platoon to ensure the quick and easy mobilization of artillery. In this case, the registrars will ensure the moral growth of existing companies before multiplying them.

Insuring comes from the old French en- « make » plus seur « safe », and that`s exactly what it means today – « safe or secure, guarantee ». When you ensure someone`s success or safety, you guarantee it. Make sure you can really get away with something before you make sure! They made sure to create a unity government for the benefit of all. Britannica English: Translate ensure for Arabic speakers Erdogan has a plan to increase tensions and polarization ahead of elections. This plan has worked well for him in the past, the HDP, which falls below the threshold, would greatly benefit the AKP, and the government is doing everything it can to ensure that it does so. These sample sets are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word « ensure. » The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. [Law enforcement] could also drop remote motion sensors to make sure refugees don`t retreat to them, some motion sensors take a picture, some report some walking in that area. In addition to setting customer wait times to zero, chatbot integration ensures 24 x 7 x 365 availability and allows you to expand your database without manual intervention once it has been successfully trained and implemented. While we have not set a price for Ruzurgi, our goal remains to ensure that Ruzurgi is affordable and available to pediatric patients living with LEMS.

If you make sure something happens, you guarantee it. All these assignments make sure you don`t have time to have fun this afternoon! To ensure military supremacy, the conquerors built many main roads, mainly in London. « This emergency penny will ensure us a beautiful retirement »; « Preparation guarantees success! » « Make sure, » dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 9 January 2022. We had a proposal that we are currently working on with the Russians, I will not share the details, but my feeling is that the Russians are just as enthusiastic as we are about defusing conflict operations and ensuring that we can continue to lead the campaign against Daesh and ensure the safety of our personnel. See, verify, insure, insure, insure, control, detect, insure The police, their representatives and supporters tell us to ensure our freedom of expression through our ability to demonstrate. To ensure that all Afghan women see the achievements of the past decade, we must understand, support and improve existing systems. In the meantime, the university had taken steps to ensure the suppression of heretical books. Middle English, from the Anglo-French insurer, the change of insurer – more to Revenge insurance could take the form of a contract extension that would allow him to end his career as a franchise quarterback of the Packers. insure, insure, insure, secure the means to make a thing or a person safe. Insuring, insuring and insuring are interchangeable in many contexts where they indicate the assurance or inevitability of an outcome, but ensuring a virtual guarantee may imply that the government has ensured the safety of refugees, while sometimes ensuring itself by emphasizing the taking of necessary measures in advance careful planning should ensure the success of the game and clearly ensure the elimination of doubts and tensions from a person`s Spirit. implicit.

I assure you that no damage is done, which means that measures are taken to protect against attacks or losses. Sending reinforcements to secure their position The life jacket had almost certainly ensured its survival. As the president of an NBA team, I had access to resources that allowed me to demand my justice and fight for it. If someone wants to ensure a direct and secure connection, no entity, whether it is a hotel or not, should be able to block it. Be something safe or secure (usually a future event or condition). Together, these factors play a huge role in ensuring that your business climbs the local SERPs and maintains a strong online presence. One inmate was bent over for rectal feeding, which included Ensure, the protein shake. « He checked that the valves were closed »; « Ensure that the curtains are closed »; « Product Quality Control » Makes a promise to (someone); promise, guarantee (someone of something); to insure. be careful or sure to do something; In the case of this digital transformation of paid search, a keyword audit was first an essential part of ensuring that the team focused on the right keywords for the brand and its critical products and solutions. .